Chinese Massage (also known as Tui Na or ZhiYa) is an on-hand therapy used to reduce stress and prevent different diseases. The history of Chinese massages dates back to thousands of years when it was first introduced in China.

At Red Deer Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic, Dr. Ning Li provides the best and most professional services. Out of many different services, Chinese massage is one of them.

If you have busy work schedules with long hours, personal or professional issues that are causing stress or just simply tired of day to day life, you need a break. Chinese massage is the best method of utilizing the break; you will feel fresh and young.


We believe in the scientific way of dealing with patients, we always follow this strategy:

  1. Get to know the patient. This is extremely important because if we don’t know you well, we will not be able to know the issue you are facing. This involves a complete interview of patients to gather as much details as possible. We ask a lot of open-ended questions so that you can better explain your situation.
  1. Re-assuring and re-confirming our understanding is the key to success. What we understand from you might not be true. That is why we understand the issue, confirm with you if that is correct. We want to be absolutely sure about the issue you are facing.
  1. Chinese massage is more than just a relaxation massage, it can cure a lot of diseases and stress. That is why it has to be considered a medical therapy not just a relaxation activity. That is why we treat the massage as a therapy and if it is being done for medical reasons, we have a different approach towards it.