Colitis refers to a variety of causes colon inflammatory lesion diseases, common causes: genetic, autoimmune reactions, Nervous and Mental Factors. Common symptoms: diarrhea, celialgia, constipation, abdominal distension, become thin, weak, insomnia and dreamful sleep, sensation of chill and so on.

The use of traditional and modern theories of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the latest technology , allowing for natural regeneration of intestinal bifidobacteria , with needles, moxibustion, massage , nutrition and recuperating , 8 – 10 days to achieve addled intestinal wall shedding month stool near normal achieve a normal life a year , lifting colitis patients distress. Unhealed anal fistula and anal fistula surgery repeatedly in the same treatment under the guidance of the theory of self-healing can be achieved within two months , without surgery .

Based on the above theory constipation can be achieved stubborn constipation and stool softer approach to gradually complete discharge , bifidobacteria strengthen and restore intestinal motility , stool can make bad breath caused by pigmentation, stubborn unhealed cure mouth ulcers, not again plagued your beautiful life.

As its goal to help customers with issues related to digestive systems, At Red Deer Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Clinic can help cure colitis.

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