The biggest problem with constipation is that it is hard to explain to doctors about what your feeling is like. If there is one word that can describe constipation, it is: restlessness.

It can be caused by many reasons such as personal issues, work load, lack of sleep, depression, stress, lack of exercise, bad eating habits, bad sleeping habits, and pregnancy.

Personal issues: If you are having relationship issues, issues at job or business that are causing stress, these type of personal issues can be one of the causes of constipation.

Work load: As mentioned above, a heavy workload or disputed with other employees or management can be very stressful and this can be very tough to overcome.

Depression or stress: If you are depressed or stressed out due to any reason, this can cause many other problems for you.

Lack of exercise: Sometimes we under-estimate the power of exercising. It is the best way to stay fresh and active.

Bad eating and sleeping habits: This is often caused by work load and stress. A good food and good sleep is required by our mind and body.

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