Appreciation Letter From client

My name is Tonny, 36 years old man, I got stroke 7 years ago, my brain 80%-90% died, when I have been Red Deer Hospital, more than 30 specialist help me and saved me.  When the Dr. told my mum and wife:”Tonny’s brain 80%-90% is died ……if you will stop the treatment,you can sign……” But my mum hold my right hand said ! “No !I can not lose my son!”
Red Deer Hospital saved me! one month later I wake up but I lost my sight.
In the past 7 years,I got many treatment . but my eyes and my left side hand and leg not too much progress,one-meter distance I can not distinguish man or women,
my left hand tension can not open by myself.I used the eyes of the blind when I see Dr Li.
When I come to RED DEER ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE HERBAL CLINIC, visited NING LI,R.TCMP R.Ac ,from 2016.03.08, one course of treatment later,I can see the calendar ! two course later I can open the hand by myself ! When I visited my Neurologist a few days ago, Neurologist surprised and reduced the drugs prescription.

Letter of approval from hospital.