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testimonials is to show client’s treatment procedures.

Appreciation Letter From client

My name is Tonny, 36 years old man, I got stroke 7 years ago, my brain 80%-90% died, when I have been Red Deer Hospital, more than 30 specialist help me and saved me.  When the Dr. told my mum and wife:”Tonny’s brain 80%-90% is died ……if you will stop the treatment,you can sign……” But my mum hold my right hand said ! “No !I can not lose my son!”
Red Deer Hospital saved me! one month later I wake up but I lost my sight.
In the past 7 years,I got many treatment . but my eyes and my left side hand and leg not too much progress,one-meter distance I can not distinguish man or women,
my left hand tension can not open by myself.I used the eyes of the blind when I see Dr Li.
When I come to RED DEER ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE HERBAL CLINIC, visited NING LI,R.TCMP R.Ac ,from 2016.03.08, one course of treatment later,I can see the calendar ! two course later I can open the hand by myself ! When I visited my Neurologist a few days ago, Neurologist surprised and reduced the drugs prescription.

Letter of approval from hospital.


Letter from Joerg Hannes

For about eight years my physical health deteriorated. Symptoms akin to those associated with autoimmune diseases were gradually getting worse and worse. Pain in my shoulder was intermittent at first but eventually settled in permanently. It would move from one shoulder to elbow and forearm and across my back to the other shoulder and down the arm. Soon the pain was accompanied by nausea, general malaise and stomach troubles increasingly affecting my ability to work. I saw several doctors, physios and a rheumatologist who tested me for just about everything. The only treatment that had an effect was a common corticosteroid the side effects of which were worse than the pain. So I refused to take it while my symptoms kept getting worse. Until Ning Li started treating me. His blend of acupuncture, electricity and above all, herbal treatments, have almost immediately ended the malaise and nausea. My energy levels are back to normal and the pain is getting less and less. Mr. Li has demonstrated diagnostic and treatment skill and is an excellent practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His treatments have significantly improved my quality of life and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Joerg Hannes
Red Deer County

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Letter from Amanda


Before coming for treatment I had very intense chronic pain. Treatment has significantly reduced the pain after only a few sessions. I would highly recommend Ning Li. He is very professional and very skilled.



Chronic Eczema

Those pictures are showing that after took our 2 special course of treatment, a patient with Chronic Eczema in 3 year is cured now. Before coming to our clinic, some Ukrainian and Canadian doctors tried their best but doesn’t work well. 

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