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2011 Niagara International Health Expo

Magical Efficacy of TCM treatment for difficult patients

Provide useful and necessary complement to Canadian health care

 7-尼亚加拉国际健康论坛优秀论文颁奖2011.10 (2)

Ying Yu, CMD, Osteopathic Therapist

Member of Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, National Certification Board for Natural Therapies (NCBMT), Miracle TCM Therapy Centre

In medical profession of Canada, we have always encountered some incurable diseases, especially those diseases that western medicine can not be fully recovered. Those patients always want recovered by the TCM. We have the responsibility and obligation to cure as a Chinese Medicine Doctor, it requires us to do everything we can to treat the disease, makes the patient get fully recovered.

The author has many years in practice and experience in Chinese medicine in Canada, the use of 2000 years of enduring theory of traditional Chinese medicine meridian points, syndrome differentiation techniques and modern technology, the physical electric ion penetration: “ion-acupuncture therapy”, has long treatment of the difficult diagnosis and treatment of patients in hundreds achieved a significant effect. Particular disease for over 20 years and permanently the difficult patients, efficacy reached the magic level. Persistent increase confidence in difficult patients and health rehabilitation, medical services in Canada provides a useful and necessary complement. Several of author’s magical effect of diagnosis and treatment of difficult cases typically reported as follows:


38 years of unbearable pain, long treatment in Western medicine; recovered by “ion acupuncture treatment” cured after 24 times treatment


Mr. Fung, 45years old, immigrated to Canada in 20years ago, have mouth ear and shoulder sustained surface cheek pain, pain is more than a day, gradually increasing pain, facial muscle tension, mouth chewing is limited, not lifting his arms, driving and working hard, life long learning and work to suffer the pain of torture since 7 years old. After numerous X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI and other medical equipment inspection, not a doctor and Experts give their condition diagnosed and symptomatic treatment. Patients younger brother in the United States to do a specialist, had asked his mentor to help patients detailed examination, cause there is no clear diagnosis. Professor of medicine in Canada in 1995, his condition has been attributed to rheumatoid arthritis, to give oral medication, the pain has not eased. 38 years can only rely on long-term pain medication to relieve pain.

Examination: facial muscle nerves normal, no abnormal language, CT and MRI report no stroke, facial palsy facial paralysis report, no such family history. AC by the author into the body, hands and live further examination, found that patients with deep facial cheeks flat muscle accumulate more root cord of connective tissue, muscle tension; same limb joints change , double shoulder scapular muscles ligaments severe adhesion, stiffness, tension, limited lifting arms, can not lifting the arm over the shoulder.

Diagnosis: he has had a fall when he is 7years old, but no head and face trauma, there is no feeling of pain. Author according to treatment experience, identify the cause of pain in patients 38 years of 7-year-old facial pain before, resulting in temporomandibular joint fall due to the wrong joint. Diagnosis: temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome. Patient falls, the temporomandibular joint by extraordinary external force, causing the mandible away from the place of injured tendons, temporomandibular joint disc injury, masticatory muscle imbalance, gradually began to temporomandibular joint pain, temporomandibular joints snapping, mouth is limited. Over time, the blood block, pain to the chest and shoulder gradually developed, resulting in arms is not flattering.

Author had talked with Chengxue Yang, professor of Zhongwei United (Beijing) Medical Research Institute of Modern Pain. Professor Yang totally agree with “temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome” diagnosis conclusion that the special treatment using traditional Chinese medicine can cure pain patients.The way to create the miracle of the West can not cure.

Treatment: authors AC into the body, his hands charged with “ion acupuncture therapy”, the first sliding fingering, and clear facial meridians, with the flutter method Hits: buccal cars, Shimonoseki, to warehouses, solar, wind nebula, ear gate, listening to house , hearing, gu, Yanglingquan other points. 40 minutes later, the patient relax facial muscles, temporomandibular joint pain relief.

At the third time of the treatment, temporomandibular joint and facial muscles soft cheek relax, author boosting the patients right lower jaw, left suddenly reset the temporomandibular joint, temporomandibular joint snapping sound eliminated.

After the fourth time of the treatment, mouth opening closed mouth freely, eat chewing back to normal.

At the fifth time of the treatment, with acupuncture to clear the Ren and Du-ion, ion refers to push the bladder, click Baihui, the wind pool, wind House, Ojo, shoulders well, in the House, Cloud Gate, Quepen, days of the conflict, Futu , day cases, shoulder and other points liao. Around the shoulders and around Taijian cupping pricking several times, release the accumulation of black blood stasis.

After a course of 10 treatments, facial and shoulder pain, temporomandibular joint significantly reduced.

After treatment about 15 times, the basic elimination of shoulder pain, his arms above his head the first time in 38 years

After 24 times of the treatment, “Ion acupuncture therapy” the pain of the patient have been removed and cured the disease.


Cluster headache in 24 years, Chinese and Western medicine for a long time rule is invalid, removed by ion acupuncture only 10 times


Mr. Anslem Perera, 50-year-old, immigrated to Canada 17 years from Sri Lanka. He suffering from cluster headache since 1989. In the past 22 years, he had headache attacks 3-4 times per day, minimum duration of 15 minutes, up to 3 hours. Are no signs of pain episodes each, in the face of basic slope above the left temple, even the severity of pain in migraine. Like pain indescribable. Rely on oral analgesics, and carry oxygen bottles to ease the pain of high-dose oxygen.

Patient has had Western medicine, acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, magnetic therapy, yoga, he has seen the most authoritative experts in neurology, but are not effective. For treatment of cluster headache patients, doctor spent thousands of Canadian dollars to buy medicine, but in addition to short-term pain, but did not eliminate the effect of cluster headache.

Physical examination: Height 1.85cm, burly. By the body into alternating current, hands charged probe cluster headache attacks parts: the left temple, the first dimension, the rate of valley, on the off range. In the hanging valley between the scalp and skull to the rate under the protruding cord, induration of subcutaneous blood vessels spasm. Vasomotor dysfunction obvious. During the examination, the patient cluster headache attack, they used steel portable oxygen bottle, the high-dose oxygen. After 10 minutes, a slight headache relief.

Diagnosis: verify cluster headache. In addition to cluster headache is a migraine than vasomotor dysfunction and neurological disorders caused by specific types of chronic disease, recurrent headaches, recurrent, occurs in men. Headache when it is overwhelmed with sorrow. Known as the “suicide headache”, is more difficult to cure. Incidence rate of 0.1%.

Treatment: the author based on past treatment of many cluster headache patients and migraine patients experience, with “ion-acupuncture therapy” treatment. Authors hands increase the current with the idea of click: the temple, the first dimension, Yin-Tang, Yang Bai, save the bamboo, string and wind air, pupil liao, eyes clear, bearing weep, ball; gu, Baihui, the stars, sky, the gods, hanging skull, jaw tired, the rate of valley, Sun angle; on the customs, Shimonoseki, cheek cars and other points. Strong stimulation 1-3 minutes per hole, then plucked electric means pain location 5 minutes. The patient has immediate relief of pain after treatment. Considered in patients living in distant places, arrangements were treated three times a week, 10 times a course of treatment.

After three times of the treatment, with Needle site bleeding in vasospasm induration, with cupping out of congestion, patients hair block, tank ventilation, cupping and pumping cylinders are not successful, the final way to squeeze out wearing sterile gloves congestion. Bled once every 3-4 days.

After 4 times, the patient began to reduce the degree headache. 6th treatment (two weeks), the headache began significantly improved, reducing the number of migraine attacks per day to 1-2 times a headache is becoming more lightly.

After 10 times in a course of treatment (three weeks), the headache has been removed and then did not attack the basic cluster pain cure.

The patient said in the testimonial: I was skeptical at first of his unusual treatment, but decided to continue as I had nothing to loose. To my surprise I experienced improvement within two weeks of the treatment, and by the third week I was headache free. This is something no western or eastern medical doctor could do for me in 22 years. In my opinion Mr. Yu is a miracle worker and a blessing to human race.


Nasopharyngeal pressure deaf blind eye, specialist doctors could do nothing. “Ion acupuncture” to restore hearing, vision eye movements to improve flexibility


Mr. Andy Law, 55 years old, Nasopharyngeal cancer for 12 years, has been took radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy response and the invasion of cancer cells, optic nerve damage, and ear, right ear hearing loss, right eye blindness. Western medicine can not do anything for his condition.

Examination: right ear hearing loss hear the sound; blind eye can not move right, left eye blurred vision, see the straight line curve.

Diagnosis: the optic nerve and ear nerve damage due to invasion of cancer cells, leading to the right ear hearing loss, right eye blindness.

Treatment: The authors used “ion acupuncture” strong stimulus: eyes out, Yin-Tang, the sun, bearing weep, pupil liao, save the bamboo, string and wind air, fish waist, four white, Ying Hong, Shimonoseki, the star, the first dimension, the rate of valley, Qu pool, Shenmen, listening to house, hearing, ear gate, Yifeng, the wind pool, Baihui, between the lines and other points.

Consecutive patients treated once daily, 10 times a course, each course of three days off.

After three courses of “ion acupuncture” treatment, the patient to eliminate the right ear hearing loss, hearing rehabilitation; nerve compression state to eliminate the right eye, the eye up and down rotation flexibility, the eye not going to shrink; right eye’s visual acuity light perception that can see their or others vague fingers; left eye visual acuity improved, depending on the material from the straight line curve of visual eliminated.

“Ion acupuncture therapy” on the role of inhibiting the growth of nasopharyngeal cancer have been proven, but the mechanism of inhibition of cancer cell growth more cases pending inspection and certification.


83-year-old lady have sciatica for five years, descendants of four Western medicine doctor can not help


Mrs. Lam, 83 years old, 5 years suffering from sciatica, left ear hearing loss over 20 years, right deafness has been 2 years, life is difficult to take care of themselves. The Western and Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment for many years, to no avail.

Mrs. Lam and her husband, because the sons can not help to her in western medicine, holding a half-hearted mood, they hope the author can help. Author encourages the couple: in the past few years, I used traditional Chinese medicine techniques to cure the patients with lumbar discherniation and sciatica dozens of patients have confidence in sciatica cure your wife.

Examination: lumbar disc patients had no significant lesions, press the lumbar and left leg pain, heaviness, pain points clear, lateral to the lower extremity radiation. Walking, activities, pain, night pain intensified. Fear cold, weather the pain increased. Left ear has hearing loss in patients over 20 years, right deafness two years, the use of hearing aids, 30 centimeters in the ear can hear each other speak.

Diagnosis: wind cold dampness type sciatica. Ears presbycusis.

Treatment: The authors used ion acupuncture through Du, pushing the bladder, point by Vital, Yaoyangguan, colon Yu, Guan Yu Yuan, eight-liao, rank edge, cellular blind, ring, ring jump, Cheng Fu, Yin door , committee, Cheng Shan, with enough wind Shaoyang City, Yang Ling Quan, absolutely bone, Kunlun. Pain in the hip points (points on the shoulder Chen inch) Click on the strong stimulation.

After the 2nd time of the treatment, she feels relaxed and lumbosacral; three times after treatment, pain relief; 5 times after treatment, the pain removed; a course of 10 treatments, the sciatica completely removed. Patient’s family doctor to see the son of sciatica mother five years, 10 days to cure, very surprised, amazed.

Mrs. Lam’s husband wanted whether treat of patient with deafness. Authors then give experimental ion acupuncture treatment deafness.

Deafness treatment 5 times, right ear deaf hearing resumed two years without hearing aids, at 4 meters, can be heard talking. Use of hearing aids, hearing more clearly.

Deafness treatment 10 times, left ear to restore hearing faint. As the patient for many years been accustomed to use a hearing aid, according to the wishes of patients, no longer continue to treat deafness.

Mrs. Lam’s husband, Mr. Lam also proposed, and its many years of pain and lumbar injury, psoas muscle rigidity hump more serious, experts believe that surgery can not cure. Hope that the author treatment. After two courses of acupuncture treatment ion. Patients with lumbar pain elimination, lumbar flexibility, humpback be greatly improved. Mr. Lam wrote a Chinese calligraphy handwriting plaque, framed in person, in order to cure his wife expressed sciatica, lumbar spine disease, deafness, and their gratitude.

In Christmas,2010, more than 20 generations of the couple from the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, mainland China and Hong Kong to ride Christmas. Ill see two years of physical rehabilitation for the elderly, the magical efficacy of Chinese medicine is very grateful.


18 breast cancer tumor, breast surgery,13 times of ion acupuncture treatment to removed the breast tumor as ever


Ms. Chen, 33-year-old, dental assistant. Hyperplasia, has a seven years ago child, the double breast lumps after another, longer and more to grow before the 18 attending mass, very painful. Many times to see a specialist, to give her surgery, but explicitly told her many breast lumps, breast surgery can not remain intact, and even affect the baby nursing. Patients want to renewable a second child, do not want surgery mass. Have done acupuncture, eating traditional Chinese medicine, but no effect.

Examination: patients with double breast fullness, breast severe block, and a hard streak, extending to the armpit, the formation of irregular lobular breast induration, maximum tumor diameter of about 3CM, such as the size of quail eggs, the smallest mass 1CM, such as peanuts size. Hard swelling, pain, touch, squeeze the pain got worse.

Diagnosis: severe hyperplasia

Treatment: Based on past experience in the treatment, acupuncture therapy with ions, can eliminate breast lumps. her husband, accompanied by their mother or begin treatment of breast hyperplasia.

Author first refers to the electric dredge Du, back Jiaji, point vibration Shenshu, spleen, stomach Yu, day cases; and then clear the Conception Vessel, point Zhen Tan, the relevant element, breast metabolic activation system. Views: milk Root, Ying windows, shade house, shoulders well, God sealed, possession of God, Heavenly Lake, Zhou Rong, the full three years, too Creek, Sanyinjiao, Taichong. Bottom-up, plucked by rubbing the lump toward the meridian. the ion permeability vibrations break up the lumps of fibrous tissue metabolites excreted by the body circulatory system.

Continuous treatment, 10 times a course of treatment. After treatment of 13 times,patients with 18 breast lumps all removed, the breast returned to full soft-run. Meanwhile, the children were seven years ago after a back hip pain, a cure. Mother wrote to thank on behalf of patients of patients, “Ion acupuncture treatment,” the magic treatment.


Stayed at hospital two days can not find the cause, removed by ion acupuncture treatment once.


Ms. Zhao, come to the clinic at March 6, 2011 for appointment.40 years old, living in Buffalo, New York. Low back pain in early March, doctors at the local X-rays and ultrasound specialists did not identify the problems. She went to the emergency inspection at a hospital in Toronto in two days, and no identified cause.

Examination: patients in the hospital can not find the cause, directly to a friend and introduced to the clinic. Its back on the right and abdominal pain. Bloating induration, press Du Jiaji, stomach Yu, spleen, triple burner Yu, with a pulse, Beijing doors pain. Thick greasy tongue coating, looking yellowish brown, tired like pain. History: patients with recent constipation, 7 days without defecation.

Diagnosis: severe constipation. Gastrointestinal metabolism, toxins upside, liver and gallbladder poisoning, caused by the liver, gall bladder front and pain.

Treatment: Using ion acupuncture treatment, according to the treatment of constipation. Tong Du, pushing the bladder; Click Jiaji, Shenshu, Yu stomach, spleen, liver Yu, gall bladder Beijing door Yanglingquan; stomach the full three years, Hong Leong, and the essence of Tai chi intersection points Sanyinjiao; click Ren’s Zhongwan, air sea, Guan Yuan. Electric palm rubbing the belly for 10 minutes.

When the treatment finished, the author told the patient: your disease has been removed,you are ok now, but patients and accompanying family and friends do not believed. then the author joking to: alright, come over tomorrow morning if you don’t feel better ,and it’s for free, but pay for it if you feel better tomorrow morning, just in-case to improving, ok?

The next morning, the patient came back, the author asking patients how long she had a defecation? Patients answered: 20 minutes. The author told patients; your disease is because seven days without bowel movements, constipation, toxins upside, liver and gallbladder poisoning, caused by front and pain. Patient feels surprised and wrote a letter to appreciated Dr. Ying Yu.


The above theory, is only the author’s treatment of incurable patients the practice and experience, not to belittle Canada’s advanced medical technology and modern Western medical meaning. Please forgive me for the Inappropriate.